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USC Annenberg’s 2017 Global Communications Report predicts convergence of marketing and public relations

87% of PR executives believe the term “public relations” does not describe their future.

If you work in or study public relations. This is a MUST READ.

Instruments covered so I learn to look outside the plane. Flying with two hands, but someday I’ll feel more comfortable using just one…

Simply stated, Staci is a visionary. It is at Stanford where I learned what a great leader Staci really is.

Yumi Wilson, Corporate Communications manager at LinkedIn

I feel lucky to have worked with her in two places, at SF State and Stanford University. Her implementation of a solid and sound social networking strategy for the School of Engineering should and can be replicated in a variety of settings. Her management style is hands-off … which inspired me to bring in new ideas and take risks I normally wouldn’t take. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work for her – and hope to work with and for her again.

Yumi Wilson,  Corporate Communications manager at LinkedIn, Associate Professor at San Francisco State University


Reddit IAMA meets Twitter chat via Slack channel 

Class time is precious in a jam-packed course like News Reporting (at La Verne we call it Journalism 100). There’s a lot of ground to cover, and often, discussions end up limited to an hour or less a week. But what if our class could have on-going discussions throughout the semester?

Read more in my blog post: Bringing a real-time collaboration tool into an intro to reporting course.

Social Media Key for Reaching Readers

I’ve always viewed work as an opportunity for hands-on learning. Most of the jobs I’ve had during my career have been new positions with loosely defined roles that challenged me to learn and grow. My job with Global Press Journal certainly fit that description when I first started.

At GPJ, we’re tackling some of journalism’s most challenging questions about audience, engagement and impact. And as GPJ’s first official Engagement Editor, I’m responsible for directing our social media content strategy and audience-engagement initiatives. This includes managing all of our social accounts, creating unique and engaging social content, measuring and monitoring key performance indicators and designing innovative on-and-offline engagement initiatives to drive audience growth and increase global awareness.

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How to Understand Social Media Analytics

Analytics aren’t what we need to be talking about, when it comes to social media strategies, objectives and goals are where we need to begin. So I’ve decided to put together a paper with case studies (along with a workshop presentation).

shutterstock_240487801Here’s where you come in: I need lots of good examples.

Do you work in social media? Specifically, do you help set social media strategies? If so, maybe you can help me?

What’s your incentive? I’ll give you credit for the strategy (if you’d like) and share my findings and presentation with you when they’re finished!

I’m looking for examples of specific organizational objectives that were met using social media, and:

  • How the social media goals met an organizational objective(s).
  • How the goals were measured.
  • How “success” was defined.

I’m happy to keep the organization’s name anonymous, but would like to be able to provide at least the industry and/or type of business.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please leave a comment below.

Staci's expertise in social media and knack for cutting-edge technologies allowed the San Francisco State University Journalism Department to focus more on experimental/new media techniques, which better prepared students for the job market. Not only that, she mentored me in my development as a web developer and web producer. I would not be where I am today without her guidance and highly recommend her as both an educator and technology consultant.

Aaron Williams, News Applications Developer

No question, side door traffic is important. But the truly valuable and beloved companies have built a real front door — one that converts to repeatable, direct visits.

The Three Audiences for Any Online Property: Loyalists, Subscribers & Casuals

Read more in: Media Companies: Don’t Let Your Traffic Run Out the Side Door




One-sentence stories, crafted specially for small screens, will provide the news at a glance...

Forget 140 char Tweets. Can you tell a story in one sentence?

The future is now, and glance journalism is part of it. The New York Times has announced a new unit of news – the one sentence story – crafted especially for the Apple Watch. Read more in The New York Times PressRun post.



Moving Class Discussions to Twitter

Instead of lecturing or holding discussions in the classroom, I decided (one day a week) to move the classroom online to a social network (because duh, it’s a class about social media!)
First Twitter chat trial run in the classroom, spring 2015 at NDNU.

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7 Tips for Teaching Mobile Media to Journalism Students

Fall 2010 was the first semester for San Francisco State University’s journalism department to offer an advanced journalism class focused on mobile media. I had the privilege of developing the curriculum and teaching the class called “Contemporary News Media.” I learned a few things, about developing new courses, student priorities and the importance of of being forward-thinking.

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Social media curation is what Storify’s all about. It’s a hot topic right now, and many news organizations and bloggers are experimenting with this new kind of storytelling involving the curation of content published via social media.

She has a deep understanding of the fields of journalism and mass communication. Staci’s work with me demonstrated an ability to think logically, analytically and broadly. She also exhibits a true interest in developing that understanding and in conducting the research that would achieve that understanding.  

Jim Stovall, Professor at the University of Tennessee

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Staci with the San Francisco State University student magazine staff in spring 2011.