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How to Understand Social Media Analytics

Analytics aren’t what we need to be talking about, when it comes to social media strategies, objectives and goals are where we need to begin. So I’ve decided to put together a paper with case studies (along with a workshop presentation).

shutterstock_240487801Here’s where you come in: I need lots of good examples.

Do you work in social media? Specifically, do you help set social media strategies? If so, maybe you can help me?

What’s your incentive? I’ll give you credit for the strategy (if you’d like) and share my findings and presentation with you when they’re finished!

I’m looking for examples of specific organizational objectives that were met using social media, and:

  • How the social media goals met an organizational objective(s).
  • How the goals were measured.
  • How “success” was defined.

I’m happy to keep the organization’s name anonymous, but would like to be able to provide at least the industry and/or type of business.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please leave a comment below.

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