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Hi! I’m Staci.

You can find me on Twitter @ProfBaird.
I’m an assistant professor of communications (public relations) at the University of La Verne. Before relocating to SoCal, I lived in the Bay Area where I worked as Engagement Editor for Global Press Journal. I was journalist-in-residence at Notre Dame de Namur University and previously taught digital media courses at San Francisco State University and the University of Tennessee. I earned my master’s in public relations from Kent State University and studied journalism at the University of Kansas.
I bring the fundamentals of public relations theory to the application of digital storytelling platforms that engage audiences in two-way conversations in order to build long-term relationships. My research and teaching interests include organizational public relations, engagement metrics, and the tools and methods for measuring quality relationships.
I’m not your typical journalist. Part techie, part businesswoman, and an educator at heart, I enjoy learning and teaching as well as experimenting with new ways to produce, package, publish and promote stories.
When I’m not online or teaching I may be up in the air learning to fly, or in a pool swimming with my daughter. I love margaritas with a kick, hot yoga and cupcakes.

The most important questions are “Who?” and “Why?”